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Mother Kisianga Gregory
Mother Kisianga GregoryChurch Administrator

Mother Kisianga Lawrence Gregory is the Church Administrator, at The Church of St Martin de Porres.  Born Bernardine Lawrence, she assumed her African name in 1967 as part of her cultural rebirth. She was born Roman Catholic and had a strong Catholic family background.  In 1990, she visited Umojo Temple in Washington, DC. At Umojo, she capitalized on her faith and beliefs and she became more steeped in the word of God. As a child of God, she proclaims Him as her reason for being and for ordering her steps.  Hence, the move to Umojo was ordained by God and the rest is history.

She firmly believes that from time to time we must stop on the road on which we are traveling to turn our full thoughts and attention to the goodness that God bestows upon us.  She says, “we have to thank Him for the many trials and tribulations through which He has brought us and for the many battles He has fought on our behalf.” She reminds us to grow in love, respect, compassion, and understanding for our church, families, friends, and even strangers.  She encourages us to be ever mindful of the bridges Christ has helped us to cross and the mountains He has helped us to climb.

She is an active church member, serving as Church Administrator, Lay Minister, and member of the Administrative Board.  She attended Maple Springs Theology School and she completed an extensive 3-year study of the Book of Revelations at Bible Way.  With youth being her first love, she is also a youth director at the church.

Originally from New Jersey she now resides in Washington, DC with her husband of 25 years, Gerald A. Gregory.   Gerald is truly the love of her life and a true spiritual partner.

Mother Gregory believes that God is still molding her and that her retirement for the Corporate world is the beginning of a new journey in which God will continue to take the lead in her life.